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Announcing Whole Grain Pictures

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A curated collection of indie darlings of the 90s, 00's and more, rescued from obscurity. Coming soon to Blu-ray.


Whole Grain Pictures is a new venture of MediaOCD, a Los Angeles-based post-production company world renown for its restoration and deluxe Blu-ray treatment of vintage anime titles. Clients include Discotek Media, All The Anime, IFC Films, NIS America, and many more. We're now bringing our expertise to the world of indie films!


Art house, foreign, and independent films from around the world. (Probably not much horror, however, as there's already plenty of companies caring for those films.) Basically, whatever we think you'll love!


We'll be opening up product announcements, as well as unique opportunities to get involved!

Get... involved?

Seriously! We love passionate movie fans! We'll be providing our supporters with unique insights into our restoration, early announcements, discounts, direct communication with our crew, and much more.

That's cool. Will you just be doing Blu-ray?

For now. As we grow, we will absolutely consider UHD Blu-ray releases, going forward. DVD is less likely, but if we hear from people that there's a demand, we'll try it out. Premium "digital locker" services are on the table as well. We're listening to you!

So... when?

When I say "soon" I mean soon, but... the internet is littered with broken dreams. So, I'm writing this in September 2023, and we hope to be off the ground by early to mid 2024, perhaps even sooner!

If you find this site a decade from now and these promises are still here, you'll have some idea not to get your hopes up. But I don't think that'll happen.

How do I get in touch!

We're not ready to talk yet, but we will be soon!

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Kay G
Kay G
24 déc. 2023

Are you focused on specific countries? I'm hoping for a lot of Japanese films, but maybe from your point of view Nihon Nights has that covered already. Looking forward to seeing what kind of slates you present us with.

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