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New title, new storefront, new details!

Holy cow, where do we start? What a month it's been.

First of all, we're EXCESSIVELY excited to announce our second film title! Journey From The Fall!

2025 will mark the 50th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. Millions fled after America pulled out of Vietnam. This is the story of one family, torn apart by conflict and separated by thousands of miles.

A deeply personal story from director Ham Tran, produced entirely by the Vietnamese American expat community and lauded by critics, Journey From The Fall is a seminal work. Film history abounds with rich, complicated, dark stories about the Vietnam war, but shockingly few told from the point of view of the actual people it displaced.

Back in 2007 I was lucky enough to help work on the release of this incredible film, when I was working for a small startup media company. That company folded not long after, and the film has been out of print ever since. Whole Grain Pictures is proud to present this film in a deluxe HD release, with a huge number of bonus features, copious liner and historical notes, and a feature length visual commentary from the cast and crew. The original symphonic soundtrack, composed by Christopher Wong, is also included on a bonus CD.

Journey From The Fall will be available on Blu-ray and on demand July 9, 2024.

In other news... We have a new sibling label! It's one that's been around for many years, in fact. AnimEigo, the first dedicated anime label in the Western world (founded in 1988!) has joined the MediaOCD family! Check out the press release!

We have lots in store for you, but it'll take some time to roll out. The MediaOCD Shop, which will go live on April 1, will be your one stop shop for both WGP and AnimEigo titles. We're working on carrying some other stuff too. Buying direct from us will be THE way to directly support what we're doing and contribute towards future licenses.

Thanks so much for your support! More news soon!

-Justin @ MediaOCD

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