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"Too Much Sleep" now up for pre-order! Special video too!

This will be on the disc as well, but we wanted to celebrate Too Much Sleep finally going up for pre-order with our new video documenting how the film was lost and re-discovered. Check it out and share it as widely as possible!

Also, the MediaOCD store is now live, so you can get your pre-order in! You can pre-order other places, of course, but exclusive to the MediaOCD store is a special decorative O-card (also known as a cardboard slip cover)! Get your pre-order in today!

One more exciting thing to share. We've completed our recent acquisition of anime distributor AnimEigo, and with them came two amazing samurai films. Check out Sword of Desperation from 2011, and The Loyal 47 Ronin from 1958! Both now available at the MediaOCD store.

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